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Tal R | Eberhard Havekost

Press release

Tal R – Jew Cherry, Clown And Congo
Tal is interested in the multiple meanings an object holds – personal, collective – the permutations in meaning when objects are placed together. Since the late 90s, Tal has used Kolbojnik, the Hebrew word for leftovers, to describe his practice of accumulating and arranging objects, bits and pieces, in his life and on the canvas. In 2008, he moved studios and let the multitude go. Now, he holds the objects lightly, pays attention to the intuitive process of what he is drawn to. 

Eberhard Havekost – U Say Lova
Contradictions are vast and varied in Havekost’s work. Sometimes they are hard to bear, for their viewers and for their creator. They seem to work against their author. But the canvases do not seemto be any smarter than their audience. They come straight to the point. They provoke a mixture of aversion and desire in their counterparts. On the one hand, these are rough abstractions, “smeared images” created with a paint spatula. On the other hand, Havekost presents ubiquitous motifs, based on his own photography or appropriated media images, held within a kind of semi-darkness.