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Elizabeth Jaeger

Press release

Elizabeth Jaeger – Brine

Empty, rotting, hollow... Jaeger’s sculpture series presented in an installation in the gallery space, explores the emotive, almost mortal qualities of man-made objects. Her fragile, vase-like glass fish dangle above the floor on dark cold, steel constructions. Their sharp, copper teeth bared, the fish ostensibly grimace in the face of advanced rigidity – one last, desperate gasp for air? The ambiance is conditioned by the show’s title: Brine, a preserving, thermal fluid, but also a hazardous byproduct of industrial processes. The floor is littered with gravel, reminiscent of an abandoned rocky shore, and serves as a site, in an almost archeological sense, hiding broken ceramic molds—fragmented artefacts from the complex production process, remnants of the sculptures’ material genesis.

Elizabeth Jaeger (born 1988) studied at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR and at the École Nationale Supérieur des Arts, Nancy, France.