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Kan Xuan

Press release

Kan Xuan – Racing Gravels

Curated by Tan Yue

Video artist and photographer Kan Xuan splits her time between Beijing and Amsterdam. Always departing from personal experience, Kan aims to unveil the complex relations between objective reality and subjective emotion. Precise, witty and biting, Kan merges playful subtlety with metaphorical profundity in a singular style at once precise and humorous. 

The exhibition Racing Gravels assembles a series of new artworks by the artist informed by her parallel career as a commercial video director – she has worked with automobile manufacturers, internet companies and information technology businesses from China and beyond for nearly two decades. Through her unique artistic language, Kan Xuan articulates vivid situations filled with contradictions: metaphors for China, for the entire world, for us, living in the society of the spectacle amidst rapid commodification and technological acceleration, heading towards an inexplicable end, like automobiles racing through gravel at night (Racing Gravels, 2018).