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David Adamo & Simon James Phillips

Press release

David Adamo & Simon James Phillips – Greenery

Greenery, a project of sculpture, music and performance developed by the artist David Adamo and the musician-composer Simon James Phillips.

The artists will convert the exhibition space over a two-month period into a recording studio which will collect various sounds produced by a constellation of art objects that the American artist has selected and conceived for the show. Aesthetically the exhibition will be like a large archive of wood and bronze sculpture, assembled musical instruments, drumsticks and objects scattered all around the exhibition space. Elements will be moved daily, beaten and performed by the artists in an attempt to produce vibrations. A catalog of original sound recordings will be selected, mixed and composed by the Australian musician into an inspired melodious form. The space’s constant transformation and daily interaction emphasizes not only the search for a contemporary aesthetic but underlines new possible dynamics through which to establish a more direct and engaging dialogue. Art, performance and music will mix continuously, without a fixed scheme.