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Bethan Huws

Press release

Bethan Huws – Reading Duchamp – Research Notes 2007-2014

KUNSTSAELE Berlin present the solo exhibition “Reading Duchamp – Research Notes 2007-2014” by the Welsh artist Bethan Huws (*1961). Huws has concerned herself with Marcel Duchamp since the mid-1990s, in works such as “Fountain” (2009) and her large-scale installation “Forest” (2008/09) for example. Since 2007, her intensive research has gradually grown into thousands of loose A4 sheets with a wealth of associations, insights, interpretations and connections: the “research notes”. They are composed of photocopies, reproductions, drawings, documents, collages and postcards dedicated either to “individual works” or to overarching themes in Duchamp’s oeuvre (“general files”). The “general files” are presented in ring binders on tables and contain research on recurring motifs, subjects, shapes, colours, numbers, people, etc. The “individual works” are discussed on single A4 sheets on the wall which give detailed comments on many of Duchamp’s significant works.