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Signe Pierce

Press release

Signe Pierce – Reflexxxions

American artist Signe Pierce (* 1988, USA) describes herself as a reality artist: “I am pop and I am art. I am digital and I am physical. I am virtual and I am real”. “What is real?” is the central question that hovers throughout Pierce’s installations, photographs, performances and writings.

Throughout her work, Pierce has utilized her own life and body as a surface to be projected onto, both figuratively and literally. As a performer and self-described “reality artist”, Pierce presents a provocative, hyperreal version of herself, confronting expectations surrounding femininity, sexuality, and perception.

Pierce is at the forefront of a young generation of artists that reflects the current digital age. Her artistic material is the social and political reality as well as the rapid development of digital media and technology.

With Reflexxxions, her first solo exhibition in Germany at the EIGEN + ART Lab in Berlin, Signe Pierce debuts a new installation and body of work which fuses light, digital projections, and self portraiture with reflective surfaces and blank canvases. Sound, image, light and text will be condensed into an immersive landscape. The visitors become part of her reality.

Curatored by Marie Gerbaulet and Anika Meier