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Via Lewandowsky

Press release

Via Lewandowsky – Geometry of Obedience
A square metal sculpture repetitively moves and collapses on the floor with tremendous sound. The four sides that compose the square embody a limited form while moving in pairs or individually. The square tries to get up, bending all of its joints. One might see human nature in the gesture of the machine: falling and getting up over and over again. Realizing the movement seems to be a metaphor of limited freedom and adaptation in human society might bring up sadness or melancholy as we see the futile actions the square continues to take, with unsuccessful results. This is Via Lewandowsky's 2013 piece Contenance (Relational Sculpture No. 5).
Unlike this earlier work A Square Meter (2019), presented in the exhibition Geometry of Obedience, repeatedly moves and stops slowly and gracefully in the air, rather than struggling on the floor. The square dances as if in slow motion, drawing geometric gestures in the air, and intensively revealing Lewandowsky's current interests in Bauhaus, order, and conformity that are explored in the exhibition.
Curated by Jungmin Lee