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Press release


Trey Abdella, Botond Keresztesi, Olga Mikh Fedorova 

A chaotic situation in a complex environment caused by communication failure is what we call a clusterfuck. Rather than moving to an organized productive structure an accumulation of entities that happen simultaneously can lead to a literal disaster. Living in a hyper fascinating moment where increasingly complicated and bracketed world views come curated together, the contemporary culture surrounds itself with codified solutions to cope with this undistributed chaos. Mostly, what we describe as a structured and organized surface, such as a screen, is only the facade of a hyper complex conglomeration of data and communication systems. Plunging into the depths of the Internet’s obsessions and transgressions, we assemble an unsettling parade of images from the mundane to the dreamy and the sublime, presenting the full breadth and depth of human desires. To enter these imaginative or creative worlds you no longer need a TOR browser but only your mind. We proudly present Clusterfuck an exhibition filled with imagination unbound.