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Alejandro Cesarco

Press release

Alejandro Cesarco – ​These Days

'These Days' seems like a natural follow-up to 'The Early Years', Cesarco's last solo exhibition at the gallery. This show centres around Cesarco's two latest videos, 'Learning the Language (Present Continuous I & II)'.

As is indicated in the title, the two works document a way of learning, which is perhaps also a mode of appropriation. Learning, more often than not, occurs through mirroring and repetition. These works, not unlike an act of citation, show the artist reading and pillaging through other people’s words. In bringing them into the fold of his own artistic production, Cesarco ventriloquizes, asking his sources to speak back to him. Mirroring is also made explicit by referencing Dan Graham’s 'Present Continuous Past(s)', 1974, a seminal work that correlates perception, time and subject formation.