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Konrad Mühe

Press release

Konrad Mühe – In the Foreign Gaze

The installative works use industrially manufactured metal shelves that are familiar to us as part of our interiors and infrastructures. The artist has bent them into anthropomorphic poses, fitted projectors on them like heads, and positioned them in the gallery space as sculptures and display structures. They thus unfold a physical presence, both similar and dissimilar to our own, which consistently affects our own perspective. The short films which they project trace constellations of the foreign gaze analogue and digital imaginaries: in visages of GDR paintings that have since long disappeared in archives, in touchscreen gestures or in algorithmically generated Youtube content for children.

By confronting our own eye with foreign eyes, the exhibition explores the relationship between materiality and virtuality, between human and technological bodies as well as their contemporary political subtexts.