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Torsten Andersson

Press release

Torsten Andersson – Molnen Mellan Oss

Galerie Nordenhake presents "Molnen Mellan Oss" (The Clouds Between Us), the first solo exhibition of legendary Swedish painter Torsten Andersson (1926 – 2009) in Germany, in collaboration with the Torsten Andersson Foundation. The exhibition brings together both large- and small-scale paintings from different periods of the artists' oeuvre.

The art critic Magnus Bons characterizes Torsten Andersson's approach: "Opposing concepts such as painting–sculpture, surface–space, imaginary–real, figurative–abstract, are Torsten Andersson painterly instruments. He explores and questions conventions of imagery in order to find a possible path for painting." Bons concludes that Andersson's paintings are neither abstract nor figurative, but in fact both at the same time.

The painting "Molnen Mellan Oss" (1966) marks a crucial turning point in Andersson's oeuvre, when he stops making sculpture to instead work exclusively with the medium of painting. "Molnen Mellan Oss" realistically depicts an imagined abstract sculpture in the form of a large T-shape, ultimately combining the formal and the expressive in one painting. Andersson continues to make paintings of fictitious sculptures and three-dimensional objects in the widest sense. Portraying objects made from different materials like patterned textile, wood, marble and Masonite allows him to use colour with an inherent logic.

Whereas other artists at the time abandon painting and develop other forms such as video, minimal, conceptual and process-based art, Andersson undergoes a radical change within the medium of painting. He devotes his working life to explore the fundamental question whether painting can be seen as language and searches relentlessly for an individual and independent expression.

Torsten Andersson was born in southern Sweden in 1926.