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Law of the Instrument

Press release

Law of the Instrument

Joannie Baumgärtner, Julius Bobke, Hannah-Sophie Dunkelberg, Clementine Edwards, Andi Fischer, Lukas Q. Hoffmann

Law of the Instrument is a group-show that sets particular ways of artistic production in relation to each other. The positions shown approach the pattern of behavior known as "Maslow's Golden Hammer" in different ways. Instrumental approaches contrast highly idiosyncratic positions, proprietary modes of production are shown alongside performative objects. While artistic success is often related to the myth of originality and uniqueness, the question arises as to how much art history was written with the hammer and whether art as a process is not itself subject to this law. Law of the Instrument seeks to break the mold and highlight a different concept of unconventional artistic production with the works displayed.