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Fatma Shanon

Press release

Fatma Shanon – Yellow Skirt

DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM is pleased to present YELLOW SKIRT, the first solo show in Europe by FATMA SHANAN (b. 1986 in Julis, IL / lives and works in Julis). In her new figurative-abstract oil paintings created for the exhibition, Shanan arranges complex relationships between bodies and spaces. Three large and several more intimately scaled paintings depict female figures, which Shanan describes as representations of herself, in diverse settings: reclining, floating above a carpet, stooped in front of a window, or in an open green field. The rugs in her compositions are not just networks of vibrant color and a reference to the Druze culture in which she was raised; they also function importantly as territories within the picture and mediators between bodies and architecture.