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Amin El Dib

Press release

Amin El Dib – Some Changes Made

From the very beginning, Amin El Dib’s work has been characterized by distinct thematic series. The selected series on view were produced in Berlin and later also in Switzerland. These works have been intentionally chosen to emphasize the part of his extensive practice in which he takes a decidedly abstract approach in terms of form and content – regardless whether the images reference people, plants, or materials.

Most striking are his works that deal with images borrowed from the distinct motifs of already completed series. Working with their materiality —in this case traditional baryte paper as well as modern digital print paper — he uses this to create new images. In other words, he tears the original photographs and places them together in a new way, leaving the ripped edges clearly visible, thereby implying violence and destruction through what is literally enacted on the paper and also the choice of motif.