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Hubert Czerepok

Press release

Hubert Czerepok – Americans, I am afraid of

Hubert Czerepok’s third solo exhibition at ŻAK | BRANICKA, features a series of works inspired by the latest political events. Under the pretext of protection – be it from terrorism, refugees or wild boars – ever newer barriers are erected, whose aim is to separate some people from others. Scholars note that, despite general globalization, no other period after World War II has seen as many border walls raised as the recent years. A striking aspect of this phenomenon is that the walls are not erected by weaker states for fear of being attacked by stronger states, but the opposite: such borders define more powerful countries that wish to separate themselves from their neighbors. Czerepok's project Americans, I am Afraid of concentrates on the border barrier as a tool of physical segregation and social separation. The latest series depicts the ease with which an arbitrary abstract form becomes a physical barrier with real consequences. The artist asks about the motivation behind barriers between humans erected by societies. Czerepok understands border walls as a symptom of the lack of self-confidence and an indicator of the sense of threat. However, how much is a nation worth whose identity is defined by fear?