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Thoughts on Tactility

Press release

Thoughts on Tactility

Katinka Bock, Johanna Jaeger, Kathrin Köster, Edith Kollath, Helena Petersen, Kathrin Sonntag, Jenna Westra

Organized by Johanna Jaeger & Anne Schwarz

The exhibition thoughts on tactility presents works by seven artists who address the dimension of the corporeal. When does an object become corporeal? Why is the notion of the corporeal so important for beholding, understanding, and categorising what we see?

In the exhibited works, photographic surfaces come close to what we experience in three dimensions, bodies are interwoven in such a way that their individual traces are lost in the surface. A portrait of a person is juxtaposed with a portrait of an object. Traces of actions turn into abstract representations.

Bodies become a form, a surface. They are visually interwoven and alienated until individual gestures dissolve in the composition. The point where the eye hits the work – the surface – plays an important role in many of the exhibited works. It is the entrance to a work, the place where observation begins.