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Alice Creischer

Press release

Alice Creischer – Arbeit, Arbeit, nichts als Arbeit

The exhibition by Alice Creischer »Arbeit, Arbeit, nichts als Arbeit« marks the beginning of the new yearly program of Galerie Wedding SoS (Soft Solidarity), conceived by Nataša Ilić and Solvej Helweg Ovesen. SoS (Soft Solidarity) explores the deep crises of Solidarty or rather the need to reinvent new forms of solidarity. The exhibition is curated by Nataša Ilić.
The value chains of a capitalist society are always based on power relations which understand the working subject as a resource and pushes it constantly towards more efficiency. At the same time, contemporary conditions of flexibilization of labor result in insecurity, which is reflected in more flexibellimited-time contracts. Alice Creischer is particularly interested in the increasingly precarious relationship between the individual and labor and possibilities of post-work society