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Achraf Touloub

Press release

Achraf Touloub – European Night

The artist’s drawings and installations developed around the idea that the times we currently live in are characterized by their tendency to stretch reality through multiplied parallel dimensions having as first consequence the redefinition of our means of perception. His language, encrypted and sibylline at first sight, is actually clear. The ever-present interfaces, the capacity of images and the increasingly blurry distinction between information flux and sensory experiences are the starting points of these visions. His practice is the manifestation of these considerations where seeing remains an ordeal, and representation a mystery.

In order to host the exhibition ‘European night’, the gallery rooms have been painted in hues with almost imperceptible differences triggering doubts in the viewer’s mind. In this way the space resembles the drawings of the artist, who aspires to make the invisible emerge and suggest the backstage of a representation.