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Maria Taniguchi

Press release

Maria Taniguchi

This is the second solo exhibition of Filipino artist Maria Taniguchi with the gallery. The artist’s paintings, sculptures, and videos draw attention to the acts of composing, constructing, and framing. The exhibition will include new paintings and a video work entitled Mies 421 (2010).

Initiated in 2008, Maria Taniguchi’s “brick paintings” form the core of her multi-faceted practice. Painted flat on the floor of her studio, these paintings accumulate brick by brick. Taniguchi begins by tracing the outlines of individual bricks on the canvas and then fills them in with paint one-by-one, resulting in different densities of pigment. The irregulari- ties in the surfaces of these paintings call to mind the time and labor invested in their creation and their architectural scale enacts a confrontation between the human form, and psyche, with the systems and structures they create—as well as those they might find them- selves entangled within. Such an operation exists within a legacy of time-marking practices like On Kawara’s or the dogged persistence of Tehching Hsieh’s One Year Performance from 1980-1981, in which he punched a time clock every hour on the hour.