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Saskia Groneberg & Paul Hutchinson

Press release

Saskia Groneberg & Paul Hutchinson

The gallery Russi Klenner is pleased to show for the first time works by Saskia Groneberg and Paul Hutchinson in a joint exhibition. We are continuing with our format entitled DOPPELAUSSTELLUNG (duo show) that we have been pursuing in regular intervals since the early days of the gallery and which puts two contemporary artistic positions in relation to each other.

In her works, Saskia Groneberg explores the relationship between humans and nature. Through phenomenological studies, she researches aspects of domesticated nature such as cityscapes, parks or office plants and uses these as mirror images and projection surfaces of people and society. She turns her observations and research into self-contained visual narratives, somewhere between artistic documentation and conceptual photography.

In his artistic work, Paul Hutchinson deals with social phenomena of urban life such as hip-hop culture, architectural interventions in public spaces and social mobility. In his photographs and his lyrical prose, we encounter moments of intimacy and fragility, everyday situations and references to subcultures. His protagonists are buildings, plants, animals and again and again, people, either as central characters in the picture or in form of traces they left behind in their surroundings.

For the exhibition Hutchinson has put together images from different contexts, mostly taken in his immediate urban environment. He captures his subjects in non-stereotypical moments. Sometimes the people he portrays turn away their faces, sometimes they are fully visible and sometimes only in extracts. We find still lives amongst these images, a shoe, flowers, bushes and pieces of clothing. It is precisely through the detail, something seemingly negligible, or a personal association, that Hutchinson achieves a unique characterisation of inner-city subculture.