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Raul Walch

Press release

Raul Walch – The Sceptical Chemist

External Note from Writer ~

In 2008 Boris Groys argued in “Art Power” that since the 1960s artists have created installations that perform services to selection processes rather than just creativity. A distinction between the (curated) exhibition and the (artistic) installation is naturally still able to be made ten years on, but he argued it is essentially obsolete to do so. He goes on to add that the use of such practices works well with demonstrating the material of a specific civilisation because the artist installs all the elements that typically circulate in the abstracted emotion of life, bringing them into one place, in one time. The artist gives the viewer a room with a vantage point, not just a view.

In doing so…Walch opens up this gateway and allows us to ponder on his unframed view – Do we wish we were there? Or are we already there? These binary fucks tread softly all over Raul Walch’s new work, distopias seduce utopias, pesticides covertly form negated idealised aesthetics and caring bodies shift between plastic; under the guise of maternal illegal labour. Walch simultaneously veils and reveals his knowledge to the viewer via his site-specific installational formats.

— Penny Rafferty