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Raphaela Simon

Press release

Raphaela Simon

Galerie Max Hetzler is pleased to announce the exhibition Sterne with new works by Raphaela Simon at Bleibtreustraße 45. This is the artist's second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Simon's ladies, fashionably dressed and with golden rings on their fingers, the glass of champagne right at hand, describe a crowd usually encountered at exhibition openings – a cigarette in the mouth, sunglasses covering the face, purse and costume in matching colours. Simon makes figures out of various fabrics in an elaborate and detailed manner. The hair is accurately composed of pieces of textile, polished nails are applied to the fingertips and visible seams mark distinctive facial features.

For the first time Raphaela Simon presents a selection of these fabric figures together with new paintings. Simon's canvases are defined by clear and simple compositions. Structures and forms are being constantly repeated, colours such as light blue, white and black carry like a thread through her entire work. While the associative titles of her paintings, such as Pflaster (patch), Hut (hat) and Schirm (umbrella) immediately give a figurative idea to the abstract works, the titles almost repetitively describe her sculptures: Lila Frau (violet woman), Tasche (bag), Hund (dog).
On the margin of the society, there is a shady person, dressed in dark colours. The hand in a black glove, reaching out to grab, he is seemingly taken from a film noir and gives an odd turn to the group. It is the gestures, poses and arrangement in the exhibition space that give rise to characters and enable relations to one another. The figures create their own narration.

A catalogue will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.

Raphaela Simon (* Villingen) lives and works in Berlin. Simon studied with Peter Doig at the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf and in the class of Günther Förg at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Her works were part of solo and group exhibitions at Victoria Miro Gallery (2018); TRAMPS/Michael Werner, New York (2017); Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles (2016 and 2015) and TRAMPS, London (2014), among others.