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John Zurier

Press release

John Zurier – A Mind of Winter

John Zurier presents a group of large-format and small-scale paintings.

The works incorporate the artist's experiences during the winter last year when he spent time in the home of a friend in Reykjavik. Light was scarce since the daylight lasted only four hours and most of the lamps in the apartment did not work. After some time Zurier began to appreciate that lack of light, and took in the beauty of the darkness of this deep winter. He developed a "mind of winter". The rare, snow-filtered, grainy light that fell through the windows influenced many of the works on display in the exhibition. For more than two decades the artist has developed his abstract, near-monochrome, paintings which capture the memory of fleeting phenomena like the interplay of light and color at a certain point in time in a particular place. Thus, light and color, landscape but also poetry and music are important sources of resonance in the development of his works.

John Zurier was born in 1956 in Santa Monica, California and lives and works in Berkeley, California and Reykjavik, Iceland.