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John Zurier

Press release

John Zurier – Etchings and Monotypes 

BORCH Editions is excited to present the second collaboration with US artist John Zurier. To categorize his work as minimalist would be rather misleading as that term has always been loaded with historical and formal connotations and these ideologies and aesthetic narratives can only partly describe what he is interested in. The exhibition at our Berlin gallery comprises etchings—taking up on ideas from his last visit at our print studio—as well as monotypes that he sees as an opportunity to “move quickly and play with different ideas and motifs.” This juxtaposition represents two very different approaches of working with the printing plate, one being a rather time consuming process while the other is a more intuitive and immediate practice.

For an etching, traces are worked into the plate in a complex and convoluted process. Coming to the print studio, Zurier embraced the challenges and possibilities of working in a technique that is different from his usual painting practice. Etching, for him, ”is all about light, tone, and simplicity, it is an expression of immediacy fixed in place by the pressure of the press.” His fascination for the copper plate derives from it being a world in itself, the shiny, delicate surface that can register the slightest and most humble touch of the artist’s hand, marks, that are close to nothing carrying an “authority, presence, and weight of its own.”