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Alfredo Aceto

Press release

Alfredo Aceto – Azure 

DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM is proud to present AZURE, the first solo show in Berlin by Italian artist ALFREDO ACETO (b. Turin, IT, 1991 / lives and works in Lausanne, CH). Aceto continues his interest in creating hybrid spaces populated with objects engaging in a symbolic dialogue concerning sculpture and narrative. For Azure, Aceto has created a new cast of objects—referring in form to automobile parts, jewelry, logos, a gutter-hydrant or an arm with a pen—all precisely positioned within the gallery space directly on the floor, on shallow pedestals, hung on the wall or protruding into the room. The environment emulates classical museum-like arrangements while the objects themselves remain as fantastic approximations of the originals, either oversaturated in color, uniform in surface texture, or diminished in detail, recalling an almost digital world.

“Alfredo Aceto works at the frontiers of the vectors used to define a thing and an identity. Interested in the nature of the object, he explores its attributes in order to re-conceive it in some new form that expands its narrative possibilities.

Azure is a convertible designed by the automobile-maker Bentley to offer drivers and their passengers a panoramic ride. Evoking the colors and atmosphere of the French Riviera (the “Costa Azzurra” or “Sky-blue Coast” in Italian), the prestigious vehicle was conceived to enhance the visual experience while driving along the coast, following the imaginary lines of the horizon and the road. The flowing lines of the auto’s body develop in the direction of the sea and the land’s promontories. Azure is itself a horizon, its folding roof allows it to merge with the coastline, on the border between the fragrance and sensations of a color and the hues of an authentic landscape."