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Set in Scene

Press release

Set in Scene 

Jack Burton, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Przemek Pyszczek  

„Set in scene“ is an exhibition of new works by the artists Jack Burton, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg and Przemek Pyszczek. All three develop their work based on painting. But a painting does not end at its four corners. It starts on a canvas and continues its presence across the walls into the room. Of course, we always see more than just a picture, our perception is focused on the frame, on the space, on the environment – on the complexity of the situation. The three artists play in this exhibition with this knowledge and allow their paintings space to open up. Consciously they detach themselves from the material, the 2-dimensionality and the wall.

Based on this, the stories of their works are thought on multiple levels. The image plane, as in the case of a stage play, can be experienced simultaneously in time and space. All three work with a variety of materials, set their points of view, allow movement within the works and challenge the viewer to active experience.In this way the artists form a context and deliberately set their works in scene. A scene in which they animate their works to become actors in their own productions.