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Karina Nimmerfall

Press release

Karina Nimmerfall – A New Room of One's Own 

The exhibition A New Room of One's Own unites two projects by Karina Nimmerfall on the relationship of women to housing, work, politics and urban planning. Not without reason, the title refers to Virginia Woolf's groundbreaking essay on feminist literary criticism and combines the two different approaches of Nimmerfall’s work. Presented are parts of the extensive photo-text series Indirect Interviews with Women. These are based on a study by the British organization Mass Observation, which explicitly surveyed women in 1941 - when air strikes of the German Airforce destroyed large parts of London - on their living conditions and ideas about housing, work and life. The recent New Room of One's Ownseries consists of large-format computer-generated images in a large-scale, multi-part installation. It analyzes current real estate portfolios and combines their imagery with the signs and codes of radical women's rights movements and the history of feminism - as well as their commodification.