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Berlin in the 1918/19 Revolution

Press release

 Berlin in the 1918/19 Revolution. Photography, Film, Entertainment Culture

The revolution in winter and spring 1918/19 was decided in the streets of the imperial capital, Berlin. Berliners celebrated the abdication of the German Emperor with demonstrations in front of the Reichstag and the palace on 9 November 1918, in the newspaper quarter in January 1919 rolls of printing paper were used by the Spartacists to erect barricades against approaching government troops, after fighting had ceased, a large funeral procession crossed Frankfurter Allee to the cemetery in Frie- drichsfelde. Press photographers were omnipresent with their big plate cameras, taking shots of orators in the crowd, soldiers behind machine- guns, vehicles carrying party posters in the National Assembly election campaign, and destroyed buildings and ravaged squares. At the same time, everyday life in the city went on. People went to the numerous cine- mas with their expanding repertoire of films, enjoyed themselves at revues and cabarets, and danced the two-step and the foxtrot.

With more than 300 photographs, postcards, posters, sheet music, news- papers and magazines, film clips, newsreels and audio stations, the exhi- bition shows both a photographic history of the 1918-19 revolution in Ber- lin as a panorama of the entertainment culture of these troubled months.