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The Sensitive Man in Modern Sculpture

Press release

The Sensitive Man in Modern Sculpture  

Adolf von Hildebrand, George Minne, Hermann Blumenthal, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Georg Kolbe, Gerhard Marcks

The Georg Kolbe Museum’s fall exhibition is dedicated this year to the theme of the sensitive man in modern sculpture. Featuring circa 80 sculptures, the show commemorates the achievements of the first German republic on its centennial in conjunction with Berlin’s “100 Years of Revolution” project.

Since the turn of the 20th century, a striking number of sculptors explored the topos of the unscathed, albeit vulnerable youth. The notion of a sensitive and sentimental ideal male body appears to be a deliberate reaction against the images of potent heroic masculinity prevalent at that time. The demonstrative internal defenselessness displayed by these figures stands in contradiction to the brutality of external reality.