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Mehtap Baydu

Press release

Mehtap Baydu – Cuma

Edition Block is pleased to present a solo show by Mehtap Baydu and to introduce a new edition: "Cuma". The title of the work, which means "Friday" in Turkish, refers to the Friday prayers photographed by the artist in front of the historic Hacı Bayram Mosque in Ankara. On certain occasions, when prayers were being offered outside of the mosque, Baydu took the opportunity to be able to wade into the sea of praying men as a woman, and capture images of the crowd – one of which she used to create this carpet. In order to reproduce the image at a reasonable level of quality, the carpet was knotted very densely, in a manner usually reserved for silk carpets. Baydu uses textiles of all kinds throughout her oeuvre, particularly in her exploration of themes like cultural codes, gender roles and tradition.