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Petra Lottje

Press release

Petra Lottje – DIVIDUUM

With DIVIDUUM, Jarmuschek + Partner now joyfully presents the latest works of the Berlin-based artist Petra Lottje.

In her drawings and artistic video works, Petra Lottje captures situations, emotions and human connections sensitively and in an intense and special way. She brings these to the point with few reduced media and at the same time abstracts them in a way that not only empathy but also identification and self-reflection are evoked while observing.

Starting from her previous approach to drawing, which was to connect everything with a single line, the artist has now developed a series of multi-part large formats on different levels. Subtly and symbolically oscillating between line, silhouette, collage and paper relief, she shows us the human being in all his fragility, power and contradiction and makes us ask about the essence of our identity and our striving.