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9 months ago

Discussion – The Myth of the Market II

Discussion with Arno Brandlhuber (architect, Berlin, ETH Zürich), Katalin Gennburg (politician, Berlin), Guerilla Architects (Berlin), Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (architect and urban designer, TU Berlin / ETH Zürich) Birgit Möhring (general manager Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH, Berlin), Philine Schneider (architect and curator, Berlin).

How, of all places, was it possible that Berlin, the city of unlimited open spaces, came to experience an increase in rents and a shortage of affordable housing? After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the merging of the eastern and western parts of the city made spatial resources seem inexhaustible, but investor-friendly urban planning, real estate speculation and massive waves of privatization fostered an urban sell-off policy. For the present and the future, the following questions arise: How can the housing question be dealt with? How can the restored awareness of the social responsibility of property, as it is currently being discussed in politics and civil society, manifest itself?

7 pm
Neuer Berliner Kunstverein

In German
Free admission